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We provide Outsourcing services for software development. Our outsourcing software development department consists of more than 150 research engineers. Among these, 70% are accredited.
They are able to give you full QA services and test outsourcing, either stand-alone or combined with software development services.

They are able to give you full QA services and test outsourcing, either stand-alone or combined with software development services.

We offer quality assurance software services which meet the highest standards. To do so, we rely on the experience of our Agile research teams and the best practices and strategies of the ISTQB.

We also adopt strict data and safeguards. To maintain a secure environment for our data and customers, we have an information security management framework accredited according to ISO.

A complete Application Testing Offer
MKINDO can manage these projects with ease no matter how distinct and complex the software development projects are. We have vast experience with a large variety of products. It covers PCs and laptops , and smartphones. Mainly the computers of all noteworthy brands, with operating systems of last decade.

Our service thus includes testing of web apps and testing of mobile applications. In addition, our research capabilities do provide research of cloud and mobile software.

We do have a wealth of know-how of the main test stages. Those include feature testing, integration testing, device testing, change testing, validation testing , regression testing, functional testing, non-functional testing, smoke testing , and acceptance testing and usability testing.

We can suit anything from a basic solution to a complete software testing system, depending on your project requirements. Manual and automated testing and functional and non-functional testing are also combined.

Software Testing and Development

Regardless of the software development approach employed, our software testing cycle starts with a detailed background and expectations review.

This is intended to help us develop a detailed understanding of the market, stakeholders and needs.

Starting from the initial research and preparation practices, we demonstrate our strong approach to project management.

Here we discuss the effect of modifying and managing risk in an Agile environment.

Software Test Design

Our professional outsourcing software development teams handle the testing needs of each project differently.

They develop a personalized research approach based on the needs and desires that were learned during the study and planning process.

The test design stage outputs are trial cases and scripts. They are designed according to your established strategy and system architecture.

Software Testing and Monitoring

Computer testing execution is compatible with the test scripts prepared during the analysis and software design phases.

Across two main studies, we analyze the exit requirements and the reporting processes:

  • Report of test results prepared for each software test process and
  • A final summary of the results issued at the end of all cycles when the acceptance requirements have been met.

This cycle shall be replicated as many times as required until the end of the release period of the drug.

Why We Monitor Outsourcing Software

Most customers, from small businesses to multinational ones, find the right provider for qualified software testing outsourcing services in MKINDO We also acquired invaluable experience when supporting them in a variety of sectors and business areas.

Software QA Outsourcing Expertise

Outsourced software development services are part of MKindo’s core competencies. Our experience in outsourcing software development encompasses all stages, methods and procedures of the research. We also have testing facilities for all forms of systems, both manual and automation. In addition, you can rely on us to check performance or to check the security of your applications.
Find trained testers for testing mobile applications, web app testing, desktop app testing, and cloud and security testing at MKindo.

The know-how acquired in 10 + years helps us to provide QA and testing services with seamlessness. This also helps us to tailor our approach to each project and to individual needs.
Normally for a reliable QA and testing phase we go through four key phases. Those are research & preparation, concept checking, implementation and evaluation.

We are also pursuing a method of handling information for research. This requires a method of research, test plans, test events, test outcomes, information management and how to.

Manual testing and automation testing portfolio

We have provided software testing services for more than a decade for a number of sectors, markets, and forms of companies.
Our testing services helped clients put onto the market stable, effective and bug-free applications.
So we are ready to build a full software test solution for any form of enterprise.

Flexible engagement models

Typically we operate in a dedicated communication model for the tech teams. It helps you to hire a dedicated software development team from us that will integrate into your project. They can also be with you, as long as you need to.
In addition you will work with us on a project-based basis. We can also supply mixed teams-a combination of committed teams and project-based teams. Generally, this model helps our clients improve their project in a short period of time.

Key Outsourcing Software Test Services

For global IT outsourcing growing, several businesses prefer to outsource their software development projects. This helps them maintain a high quality code and gain an edge in the business.
As an proven software development company we recognize the value of providing our customers with quality products.
There are several things to account for before a contract for software testing is concluded with an outsourcing provider. Service level agreements, communication models, process interaction, protection, and confidentiality are among these.