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Customers rely on our custom software development services and 10 + years of industry experience to rapidly create effective consumer products.

Find the advantages of making outsourced products and transform innovations into great tech software.

Gain access to experienced developers of apps, solid technical know-how and business savvy.

Strategy on Product Development

Is important from the very beginning for defining the development strategy for your software product. We create functional specifications based on your business and product specs, and suggest the development strategy and architecture.

We always consider new potential product extensions at this stage, and plan an incremental development. So, by relying on modern software architectures, we frame a versatile, extensible, and scalable product.

Product Prototyping

Once technology strategy become clear, you can rely on us to make your product fully developed. Typically, we start with designing the UX and UI. If the criteria for the product have been met, we construct a proof of concept (PoC) and/or a minimum viable product (MVP). Then, as we are designing potential product revisions, you have time to check the product at market.

Maintenance & Support

Finally, we also assist mature products with services of application maintenance, bug fixing, or platform enhancement.

Let’s take care of your apps while concentrating on growing your market share.

Why choose us for your Product Development?

It’s not easy to find the right engineering partner for designing your software products. Time to market, data security and the consistency of apps are only a few of the main factors that require careful consideration. Relying on us to develop your program comes with, amongst others, the benefits described next.

Quick path for your Technology product to market

To start-ups and proven products alike, quick time to market is crucial. The pace at which a company enters the market greatly weighs on its future. Getting your company ready to respond to market trends at any given time is also necessary. That is why we rely on long-standing product development experience to meet consumer needs in a timely fashion.

We do have skills and competencies in a number of industries. It takes years and a lot of projects to understand, study and apply the best practices of software development. Thus, outsourcing product development is better than having an in-house team to have a quick time to market.

We also apply performance measures and account for making applications that are scalable and efficient. Moreover, the concern for quality lies at the core of our software engineering practice, which has been perfected for over 10 years.

Intellectual Protection in outsourced product development

At MKINDO, sensitivity regarding intellectual property and security practices are both taken extremely seriously. IP and data security concepts play a major role in both web and mobile app, and in any relationship. Therefore, we still take all the appropriate steps to fulfil them.

Product Quality Management

Following a proven method of software development and continuously improving our way of working leads us to produce quality products in software.