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Simplify The Assets On Network

The managed network services offered by MKINDO include end-to – end network management so that your company can operate efficiently and effectively. To ensure that your network is still stable, appropriate and safe, we analyze, optimize and track and provide Unified Threat Management ( UTM) services.


Network Assessment Systems

Looking to add a new application to your network or experience performance problems in your business? MKINDO Network Assessment Services uses leading evaluation tools to recognize potential issues in your network infrastructure, or to determine your readiness to start building or expanding network infrastructure.


  • Modified network connectivity evaluation
  • Study Local Area Infrastructure Network (LAN)
  • Check your needs for Internet access and bandwidth
  • Evaluate Wi-Fi access points and monitor user access
  • Installation and setup of network operating system
  • Evaluation report

Network Security Facilities

Understand the network ‘s broader image with our Network Management services. We analyze the network architecture and system configurations, track the real network traffic for individual applications, and review end-to – end quality of service and path problems.

Network Access Optimisation

When your company expands and evolves so do the needs of your network. Improve efficiency and reduce running costs through our network management and network maintenance services , ensuring that the network suits the budget and needs correctly


  • Managing bandwidth in Wide Area Network ( WAN) system
  • Transport priority and Quality of Service ( QoS) bandwidth management
  • Track Network Bandwidth Use
  • Report: Services

UTM Controlled Resources

UTM services offered by Arthatel simplify your network infrastructure while providing top quality security.


Provides installation and setup facilities via firewall

Network System Access Control

Defines and implements protection measures