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We provide Development and Operations (DevOps) outsourcing services. Our professional DevOps engineers help clients build a secure and consistent development environment that enables quick and regular release of applications.

As a result, our customers are experiencing an improvement in the quality of the product while rising time to market.

Start developing compact architectures and scalable software products with gradual delivery, in an Agile partnership.
In your software applications rely on us to implement a DevOps approach.

A new way of solution delivery

In the conventional approach, project-based software applications are created, and maintenance is followed. The software development teams operate in processes silos as well as company ones. The result is that delivery environments get complicated and inflexible. For businesses, this leads to some limitations and obstacles, such as:

  • Less time spent on design than development testing and delivering it.
  • Poor team-alignment and a ton of silo work;
  • Gaps in quality caused by limited automation and human error; 

This model increasing inhibits businesses from adapting fast to market demands.
The secret of staying competitive is the transition from conventional large-scale application production to continuous application evolution.

The DevOps Investments

DevOps is about creating a culture and experience of delivery that bridges the gaps between business, development and operations. Its purpose is to streamline the delivery of applications and increase agility in the business. We will find among the most important benefits of implementing DevOps:

Speed to market shortened

DevOps helps streamline the delivery of applications by faster and more frequent launches and Cloud deployments.

Increase efficiency & yield

DevOps helps businesses and teams improve productivity while cutting costs. Software engineers remain focused on designing code with the use of a DevOps unit.

All while the engineers at DevOps focus on deploying and setting up the delivery environment.

The DevOps teams also help companies reduce human resource needs by automating processes. This leads to lower costs and higher engagement among employees who are prone towards being more encouraged and are more satisfied and motivated.

Enhanced efficiency

Steady, structured, and automated processes allow continuous improvement and greater quality of code. They also popular the probability of delivery failure and remove the variables that may appear to be human error.

Outsourcing DevOps services

Methodology & Expertise

Implementing a DevOps methodology can involve a specific approach in your processes.

By assessing your current systems and processes first, we help you bridge the gap between development and operations. This move helps us to find the best DevOps model and solution tailored to your business needs and applications with apps.

Second, we start building a DevOps roadmap, a step-by – step guide for the DevOps plan to carry out.

We also offer on-demand training services customized to the needs of your team, to better understand DevOps as a methodology and how it relates to your processes.


We offer outsourcing services to DevOps as part of our software development projects, or as a stand-alone service. The services we provide include ongoing integration, deployment automation, monitoring, service infrastructure, release management, security management, bug fix management, performance review, and operations and maintenance.

We begin by determining the hardware resources and application scaling plans in our normal working cycle. It includes an overview of the criteria for the network. Then we carry out performance analysis and start automatic process creation.

DevOps Activities

Release Management

  • Clear documentation of code updates based on processes;
  • Proactive tracking and the measurements;
  • Virtualisation / Containers / Cloud.
  • Manage configuration;
  • Continuous Deployment / Integration;

DevOps Tools and Technologies

  • Could Architecture (e.g., Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace, SoftLayer);
  • Infrastructure Deployment/Management (e.g., SaltStack, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, OpenStack, Terraform, etc.);
  • Monitoring (e.g., Nagios, Zabbix, Catchpoint, Kibana Elasticsearch, Prometheus and Grafana, LogicMonitor, Cloud provider monitoring, etc.);
  • Logging (e.g., Splunk, Sumo Logic, ELK, etc.);
  • Continuous Integration, Deployment, Delivery (e.g., Jenkins, Azure, GitLab, TeamCity, BitBucket Pipelines, CruiseControl, Bamboo, Octopus Deploy, etc.);
  • Scripting (e.g., PowerShell, AppCmd, Python, Shell, etc.);
  • Performance (e.g., Redis);
  • Security (e.g., Nexpose, Qualys tests, OWASP, 3rd party providers for penetration testing, Salt Enterprise, etc.).
  • Cloud/Containers (e.g., Docker);
  • Load balancing, high availability, performance and security (e.g., Cloud provider load balancing, F5, HAProxy, Apache, Nginx, etc.);