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With a team of 200 software engineers, we have the best know-how to cover the entire life cycle of software development, and a broad architecture, technology, and market requirements.

Outsource your custom software development project to MKINDO at any point of its life cycle, thus concentrating more on your core business while enjoying the benefits of nearshoring or offshoring.

Developing custom software which gives you the edge

At MKINDO, you can find the full range of resources and skills for designing, building and maintaining your custom applications and systems. From collection, architecture and design specifications, user experience and user interface design, to coding, software testing (automation testing & manual), technology operations (DevOps), and support operations (customer service, database management , data analytics, and more).

Developing Apps

Software development for a full lifecycle: architecture & design , implementation, re-engineering & refactoring, technology migration, maintenance and support.

Testing Apps

Software testing strategy, architecture setup testing, the full spectrum of manual and automated test implementation, functional and non-functional testing.
Works on Development (DevOps)
Review of the current release processes and systems, automation, system and tool creation, and release execution.

UX & UI Style

User analysis, user flows & situations, user tales, wireframes & mockups, usability tests.

Commercial Review

Where appropriate, our business analysts will cover the collection and design phases of specifications, perform risk analyzes, quality controls and other tasks to help turn a vision into a software product.

Project Management

The project managers should ensure strong planning, teamwork, control and organizational consistency whether in Agile, Waterfall or hybrid models.

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Company Thinking

Our number one focus is your questions and your pains. We will listen carefully to you and find out which areas of business you would like to see changed. You can be concerned about problems that streamline communication, such as data sharing within a specific community or the organization as a whole, or server protection. The first step we take in every professional relationship that we develop is to get to know you and your company.

The selection, configuration and production of

When we fully understand your needs, we can to frame the solution. We delegate dedicated technical teams and offer custom software development services capable of covering all software phases

System for Development :
Needs Framework
Architecture & Gestaltung
Developing Apps
Testing Apps
Managing Access
Support & Entertainment

Iterative approach and qualitative based

We are operating iteratively, and shipping rapidly. Our approach to software development incorporates deep technological know-how, predominantly agile delivery approaches and a combination of years-long established application quality practices and metrics

While your needs and concerns that sound familiar, they always come with some specifics which make them special. It can make a huge difference for you, something as simple as placing a button on a website on the left rather than on the right, where it is found on most of the sites. We will confidently answer all of your “What If’s” and offer a personalized experience designed to suit your exact needs.

Our global team of 800 software developers is highly experienced in a wide range of technology and types of applications. Our professional know-how includes the following main areas:

.NET Pc & Internet
SE & Java EE
C / C++—-
Web development / Front-end production
Mobile Processing
Specialized technology (e.g. COBOL, Engineering at Teamcenters)
Handbook & Automated checking

Experienced project managers whose experienced experience and practical advice ensure prompt execution, budget coordination and organizational consistency will form part of the teams that we commit to your projects.


Explore Our Work

Interested to find out more about how we could help you? Explore a selection of sample projects from our experience.

A quick search by Google with terms like “Jakarta software vendors,” “Jakarta software vendor,” “Jakarta software firms,” “Jakarta software service” or “Jakarta software outsourcing” brings in countless Jakartan software vendors. All these companies are trying to lure you with highly skilled, creative and reliable experts fluent in English. Any of those providers of digital services might be right for you, while others may be a long cry off.

The bigger the better the company’s processes, including recruitment. Houses with medium and large applications tend to deliver better work conditions and benefits than their small counterparts. Software developers rate reliability and consistency as important considerations when selecting their employers, contrary to what some can assume.

Putting the following things into order to mitigate the risks:

To minimize your risks put the following aspects in the balance:

The kind of collaboration you are looking for (one time , small project versus long-term relationship, with projects that can range from small to big). Ensure that you do a comprehensive search of all the shortlisted providers for long-term partnerships. Request client reviews that seem to be the best matches and ensure you give them a visit. The bigger the information outsourcing investment the more attention you will pay to the procedures, place and work environment of the potential partner;

The level of software development experience that you want your outsourcing partner to offer. In Jakarta, small software companies might not be the answer if you need mostly experienced specialists added to your team. The average mid-level allocation of seniors to junior developers you can find at a healthy Jakartan software vendor is 2 to 3 to 5, which means that only big businesses will take your request into account. When a small one wants to achieve this, make sure that you check the developers they are proposing.