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We have been providing software consultancy service from Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. With both the right skills and a capacity of 200 people, we enable our customers deliver quality software to the market early.

Following are our services:

– Product Development
– DevOps Services
– Software Development
– Software Testing
– IT Operation Services

We are also actively exploring new capabilities in emerging technology or fields such as Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics and Micro services.

Since 2012, we worked with over 60 clients, mostly from the Indonesia and the regions, covering a wide variety of sectors and fields of application.

Mainly we developed in software in:
– Oil and Gas,
– Construction,
– Government,
– Utility Companies
– Banking and Financial Services

We are proud to help our clients, enabling digital transformation including innovative digital technologies and their industries, in delivering end-to-end solutions. And we are glad and motivated that their feedback were mostly positive (95%) would recommend our services.

We typically work together on the model of dedicated development teams as a development outsourcing business. However, we can always adjust to the needs of our customers and meet their needs. We may then create integrated teams or project-based projects. Find out more here about our models of engagement.

Outsourcing Services

Product Development

In order to bring successful products to market quickly, startups and product companies rely on MKINDO. Further build your product and use our experience to create end-to – end products.

DevOps Services

Adopt code at higher quality and more frequently. See how you can increase Return on Investment (ROI) in your projects by building a DevOps spirits. Collaboration with us from policy & guidance, release management and continuing delivery.

Custom Software Development

Develop your customized software solution from our countless years of experience. Furthermore, create local or offshore dedicated software teams at MKINDO for the complete custom development of your projects.

Software Testing

Start delivering your customers with high quality apps and spectacular user experience. See our outsourcing services testing software to find out that you can really get assisted by our experienced software testers.

IT Operation Services

Looking for an IT department that is ambitious and talented? We also provided our clients with IT outsourcing services, allowing your company to quickly and efficiently grow both software development and infrastructure teams.


The workings

We have a clear multi – stage approach to set up any outsourcing project as a software service provider. First, the project scope and your needs are established. Here we aim to learn, understand and answer your questions and issues.

By learning the whole, we are laying the groundwork for a well-defined, transparent and predictable relation. We will recommend a technical solution that works best.

The delivery phase then begins. It consists of several stages, starting with creation of the team and the transfer of knowledge. Then we go through all phases of the development of the software and in accordance with the project phase.

These include the definition of requirements, architecture design and requirements, solution development and testing, deployment and integration engagement.

In addition, a prototype or MVP can be developed quickly at any time, if needed.

For most instances, Agile approaches and DevOps are used in the implementation process. We also follow a sophisticated process of software quality. The fast and high-quality delivery is part of our culture.

Finally, to support the sustainable maintenance of your project, you can rely on your outsourced staff. Also, you may have to add new features or change current systems as your software reaches the consumer. Your outsourcing team can therefore help you to improve or to meet any other needs.

Our Testimony

Outsourcing Services FAQ

Deciding to outsource your software projects and what to focus on can be challenging. Check in this section our key software outsourcing takeaways collected from our clients over years of experience.

Learn about the benefits of outsourcing to Indonesia in particular. Find out more about the advantages of outsourcing to Philippines, one of the most popular IT outsourcing locations in the Middle East and Europe.

Finally, reveal the secrets of using professional development teams to expedite your application development and how to pick your software testing partner to boost confidence of your apps to customers.

Regional Software Outsourcing

MKINDO is often noticed by companies in ASEAN to be a major regional tech outsourcer. The presence of our locations is perfect for companies in particular from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea and Japan. Easy connectivity and compatible time areas allow you to easily control the remote tech teams. Companies also access professional team at competitive rates via their regional outsourcing to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. In fact, Indonesia is one of the region’s rapidly developing digital economies and complies with universal laws while sharing a culture of this nature.

Our clients continue to be agile with their software development projects by using regional network outsourcing services. This enables them to respond easily to changing business demands. They can handle remote work without trouble through immediate access and communication with the development team.

The development of products & services in regional is the start for many of our customers to develop a long-term relationship.

Our regional team is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals. They handle the diverse technical specifications and supply the businesses with their skills.

We can offer fast and high-quality solutions by focusing on proven management processes and practices.

Both these are the ideal choice of regional software outsourcing for MKINDO customers.

  • Versatile
    Keep your software project flexible. Choose the type of approach that best suits you.
  • Fast connectivity & Time-Zones Compliant
    Come directly to us. Take us from every airport in the region within 1-3 hours. And work with your distant team easily here. Taking note of the 1-2-hour time-zone gap.
  • Quality Delivery
    Creating software applications for quality. Take advantage of our knowledge accumulated over 15 years. Trust and frameworks developed on ISO compliant quality control systems.
  • Competitive Advantages
    Generate revenue by shortening life and competitive prices for growth. And find the regional long-term partner for digital transformation.

Build Your Software Project with Us

Learn how MKINDO can help you get the outsourcing project started. Let us now set up a dedicated tech team on your region or overseas.