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MKINDO is often noticed by companies in ASEAN to be a major regional tech outsourcer. The presence of our locations is perfect for companies in particular from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea and Japan. Easy connectivity and compatible time areas allow you to easily control the remote tech teams. Companies also access professional team at competitive rates via their regional outsourcing to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In fact, Indonesia is one of the region’s rapidly developing digital economies and complies with universal laws while sharing a culture of this nature.

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Our clients continue to be agile with their software development projects by using regional network outsourcing services. This enables them to respond easily to changing business demands. They can handle remote work without trouble through immediate access and communication with the development team.

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We provide you with Very Best IT Professionals MKINDO provides IT professional services to help prepare, develop, introduce and manage the right technology to increase productivity for your business.

Solution Management

We take the complexity out of IT solution management, from helpdesk to administer your network infrastructure, so you can concentrate more on running your business.

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