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What ChatBots Are?

A Chatbot is a service that you interact with via a chat or conversational interface, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence. Messaging bots interact like a human would do with users – they read and write messages, automate conversations, transactions, or workflows. The service could be a whole host of things, from functional to fun. Messaging Bots can be constructed of different types eg. Bots on e-commerce, bots on food, bots on content, bots on banking, weather bot, news bot, workflow bots, bots on customer service, bots on IoT, etc. It could be text bots or voice bots. It could live in any major transmission platform (Facebook Messenger, Slack, KiK, Skype, Telegram, Text Messages, etc.).


Why in 2017 are chatbots the hottest trend?

For Desktop Applications the initial theme was. Then companies started using Internet rise Web Applications. Trend began using Mobile Applications with the rise of smart phones. Since the Apple store was launched in 2008, mobile apps have had a good run. More than 100 billion Apps have been downloaded from the Apple store alone. They have become the primary interface through which we interact with all our smart devices as apps are convenient and fast. But as of March 2015, As per Gartner’s published study, use of the App will be plateaued. As many Smartphone users were tired and did not want to raise their current level of use. There are so many applications and people installing and trying out the software, and for a long time most of them rarely use it because it takes memory. The exponential development of new smartphone applications has now slowed.

With technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI ) , Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing ( NLP), chatbots, a type of conversational user experience, appear to be all set to affect our lives more prominently from this year on. A technology trend that greatly influenced Design in 2016 shifted away from the Graphical User Interface and shifted towards the user interface for conversation. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Messengers’, and Chatbots are some examples of such technology.

The tech community has joined forces to accelerate the development of different areas of AI, including the processing of natural languages and machine learning. Big players like Facebook, Microsoft , IBM and Google have been relentlessly developing platforms and tools to help developers and entrepreneurs streamline the process of incorporating such technologies into their own goods and businesses.

People use messenger apps more than they use social networks and this is an important turning point. So if you’re going to create business online, you want to create where most people spend their time and that’s Messaging Channels like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, KiK, Telegram etc.

This is why chatbots are such a big deal. It’s potentially a huge business opportunity to build something people want. With bots, the possibilities are endless.

How Chatbots Work

There are primarily two styles of chatbots: Rule Based, and machine learning is used in the other, more advanced models.


Chatbot related Rules :

  • The Rule Based bot is very restricted because it can respond only to very specific commands. If you’re doing the wrong thing, they don’t know what you mean.
  • This Bot is not very intelligent as it can only react for what it is programmed to be.


AI Chatbot Based on :

  • The AI bot based on machine learning has an artificial Or Artificial Intelligence ( AI) brain. When you are talking to it, you don’t have to be precisely precise. It understands language as though a person talks to someone, not just orders.
  • Even this bot gets smarter continuously as it learns from the interactions it has with people.


Why should any company use the chatbots?

With technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI ) , Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing ( NLP), chatbots, a type of conversational user experience, appear to be all set to affect our lives more prominently from this year on. Chatbots are becoming the tech industry ‘s newest standard of automation, simplifying the way the consumer demands information. With the proliferation of chat-based applications on smartphones such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Web Chat, Kik, Slack, SMS and Telegram, chatbot apps running on these platforms can contribute to better customer experience and have enormous business opportunities.

With extensive software development experience, MKINDOTechnologies offers a range of bot development services that improve customer and employee engagement and make your company 24/7 open.

Some key advantages of using chatbots are:

  • Simplified company workflow: No search and navigation to find what you need. Chatbot apps ease the workflow for companies.
  • Cloud Based: Chatbot apps run in cloud so users don’t need to scan, install, and update them manually.
  • No custom user interface: There is no clear UI as the App uses a Messenger platform.
  • Understands as human: Chatbots are a kind of communication focused on how people speak to each other.
  • Better Customer Engagement: Customer Experience enhancement is particularly successful when customer service is needed because customers can obtain on-demand assistance immediately through the chatbots.
  • Reduced cost for customer service: This results in substantial cost savings when using the chatbot program, which needs less human customer agent service.
  • Always available at any time: As chatbot applications run 24/7/365 to assist customers, service to your customers is always available at any time.


How can Vertex Innovations support you?

Company-Growth Focus

We design and build chatbot applications according to your business goals and understanding your company’s particular industry.


Items and Service

We build chatbot applications based on text or voice using any suitable BOT Platform and Bot applications services.

IBM Platform: IBM Cloud Services with Bluemix, IBM Watson and other cognitive software.

Microsoft Platform: Microsoft Azure Bot System, Intelligent Language Comprehension (LUIS), QandAMaker, and other Cognitive Resources.

Google Platform: Dialogflow (previously called API.ai) and other services.

Amazon: AWS services in the cloud, Amazon Lex, Alexa Skill, etc.

Facebook Platform: Messenger API Facebook, and other services.

Some of these systems are limited to their own channels, such as Slack and Facebook Messenger, while others are incorporated with several channels, saving you a lot of effort if you choose to introduce a cross-platform.

The cornerstone upon which these frameworks are designed is matching user intent and identifying entities from their utterances. Both IBM and Microsoft are providing the most comprehensive suites of cognitive services that can bring true intelligence to your bot and others are introducing new services as well.


Messaging Integration Frameworks

We develop and integrate chatbots apps with the most popular messaging systems-Facebook Messenger, Slack, KiK, Skype, Microsoft Team, Google Home, Telegram, Hipchat, Twillio, Line, Smooch, Jiochat, Viber, Hotline, Gmail, Wechat, Cisco spark, Teamchat, Telephone, SMS, Web widget, etc.


Scalable Chatbot Specifications

We plan, develop and execute future easily scalable chatbot applications which can be combined with other messaging systems. They can also be trained to better respond to these applications.