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Front-end production systems MKINDO

We live in a world nowadays in which almost everyone uses Google before purchasing a product or service. But it’s important to have an online presence when it comes to making a strong first impression.

The front end is where all interactions with your customers arise and the front end must tell a story in order to market the goods and services. We at MKINDO know this goes far further than a traditional graphic design project. Today, using proper layout, well thought-out navigation, copywriting and usability, a good web page must be able to express your story. To find a consistent look that will improve the character of your product and make it stand out, all of these must be taken into account.

Our front-end experts have more than 10 years of experience in developing complex web front ends that deliver creative , flexible, and human-centered business solutions in all verticals. Our interfaces are designed to look fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices, with the utmost attention.

We know that each user has their own specific style of navigation and we always drive our imagination to design websites that meet all the needs of your customers. We’ll work hard to provide quick and easy navigation to your users to ensure they can follow the exact flow you want them to. We will insert your branding within each visual element to give your website a professional look and create the reputation of your company.



HTML and CSS are key web page creation technologies. By mastering these technologies we can build your web page structure seamlessly and design the best visual layout.

Java Script

JavaScript also places itself at the center of any modern website. Simply put, without using it, you can not build a dynamic and responsive web site. Our developers have extensive experience both in core development of JavaScript as well as in the best frameworks and libraries.

JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

Over the years several open-source frameworks and libraries have been developed to simplify the process of building web applications that are rich and responsive. Our team used Angular. JS, Vue. JS, React, and JQuery to deliver dozens of projects. But we are always open to adopting new tools that could deliver better results to your website.


AJAX (“Asynchronous JavaScript and XML”) is a group of technologies such as HTML , CSS , JavaScript, and XML used together to create modern, interactive Web applications.

Front-end developers at MKINDO will use Ajax to build dynamically updated web pages. We can refresh a single element of your website with Ajax and avoid a time-consuming and resource-intensive full page reload.