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Web Development

Web application development projects, a substantial part of our portfolio of projects, show a broad variety of technologies, systems, and knowledge fields. For custom websites, company portals, content management systems, eCommerce applications and more, you can rely on MKINDO.

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Mobile Development

Our mobile device development portfolio includes UX & UI design of mobile apps, prototyping of mobile apps, complete lifecycle creation of mobile apps , mobile app testing and publishing. Find out further how we can help you build a state-of-the-art mobile solution.

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.NET Development

Create your complex. NET software application with MKINDO and benefit from a stable pool of experienced. NET engineers who are ready to meet any specifications during the life cycle of your project.

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Java Development

Recommended by their in-depth know-how and eagerness to tackle any complex project, our Java specialists will help you build custom Java solutions for many application areas

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C/C++ Development

We depend on us for desktop applications, cloud, mobile, or embedded, where speed is the standard. Our experience with C++ covers hybrid cars, 3D vizualization tools, and speech recognition apps.

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Other System Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With technology company skills that fuel AI solutions, we allow customers to explore and unlock AI ideas that help boost efficiency, minimize costs, and build new growth opportunities.

Typically our cycle starts with a step of experimentation where we understand the needs and define particular cases of usage. Then we test the selected use cases to illustrate the potential benefit.

Next comes the construction process, where we expand on the base layer to broaden the scale of the project. Skills in deployment and integration enable us to configure and deploy the technological components either in the cloud or on site. Ultimately, we provide assistance and maintenance when developing new features that extend AI use.


Our Blockchain technology experience spans across various verticals, including financial services , healthcare, transportation, consumer and industrial goods, the public sector, energy and capital, and media and telecom.

Our software developers are specialized in Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and will assist you end-to-end in testing or implementing Blockchain hypotheses.

Contact us to prototype, build, test , and deploy Blockchain-powered applications customized to specific business needs and geared towards integration.

Engineering at Teamcenter

Our experience includes Rich Desktop, Thin Desktop and TC / iMan Server (ITK) Teamcenter customizations, CATIA, AutoCAD, Unigraphics, Deltagen and other customizable systems integration, which encompasses many Teamcenter iterations (Engineering – iterations 8, 9 , 10, Business which Unified).