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MKINDO Software Development Services Xamarin provides great flexibility across various platforms and fast time to market. Xamarin’s cross-platform mobile development architecture helps us to deliver cost savings opportunities and a shorter lifecycle in growth. You will concentrate on your consumers and entertain them through their favorite platforms with 100 per cent native experience.

Get access to a strong pool of seasoned Xamarin developers, well prepared to produce top-level mobile applications.

With rich experience and the creation and testing capabilities of mobile applications, MKINDO Xamarin technology outsourcing teams can be the perfect choice for high-end projects, on tight deadlines and budgets.

Dedicated teams are able to meet every cross-platform development challenge and deploy applications native to iOS, Ios and Windows.

Xamarin App Development Services

Fortech provides full lifecycle development services for Xamarin applications, an Agile approach and solid design capabilities for UX & UIs. Fortech Xamarin teams can jump in at any time, or deliver the entire solution based on your solid business plan, from conception to development , testing, implementation , and maintenance, and support.

Nearshore or offshore team involvement can take two forms, depending on your preferences. You can either oversee the whole process of production and testing, or let us handle the project as we see fit. Our outsourcing services with Xamarin can adapt easily to your needs.

Xamarin App UX & UI Design

MKINDO engineers have developed outstanding mobile apps for a number of business markets, with a long history of launching popular mobile applications on the market. Our most talented designers are familiar with cross-platform technology and the Xamarin architecture, and can provide your project with a full UX and UI design solution.

The application can provide a specific and consistent user interface across all operating systems, or you can have a personalized, native experience for each one: iOS, Android and Windows.

Xamarin. Forms, Xamarin

Android and Xamarin.iOS are among the most important competencies available in the Fortech Xamarin team. Through choosing Xamarin. Forms for your application’s user interface, MKINDO designers and engineers will help you maintain consistent functionality across your iOS , Android and UWP apps. With Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS we are able to personalize and deliver to your customers a truly customized, native experience.

You can also depend on us to test your new or existing Xamarin apps with Visual Studio App Center (Xamarin Test Cloud), in addition to providing the best solution, designing and creating.

Xamarin App Development and Testing

Since the early days of its launch, Fortech has taken her first steps in designing applications within the Xamarin system. The strong expertise acquired during the development of apps for iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems, as well as skills in C # and .NET, allowed Fortech engineers to quickly adopt and fast learning curve. Xamarin is now our favorite mobile cross-platform development tool, because it helps us to build high-end apps at lower cost.

Xamarin software creation and Fortech testing services will span the entire lifecycle of your project.

MKINDO Xamarin development team may create a full solution in an Agile approach, or contribute to your project as required. Benefit from our Xamarin outsourcing services for the creation of multiplatform mobile applications.

Xamarin App Maintenance

Even after market access, reliability and efficiency of your mobile apps are among our top priorities. Fortech can assist with funding and ongoing maintenance, updating software, and performance enhancements.

Outsourcing Xamarin Development Know-How

MKINDO know-how in Xamarin application development and testing spans features development, unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing. Our skills also cover integrations with third-party solutions for navigation, connectivity, analytics, or social media.

Technologies and Platforms: C#, XAML, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin;

Frameworks: Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, iOS Native, Android Native, Xamarin.UITest, Appium, SpecFlow;

Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Tizen, Linux;

Publishing: App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store.