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MKINDO is one of the leading organizations that has supported the rapid development of iOS devices over the past decade. In doing so, we relied on the broad experience of our software developers, market analysts, and UI & UX designers, who regularly delivered creative and functional iOS applications for North American and Western European customers.

By collaborating with us to create your iPhone or iPad mobile app, you’ll benefit from MKINDO ‘s comprehensive know-how in delivering custom iOS devices, an Agile mentality, and in-depth UX expertise. All of these will help you shorten time-to – market, increase your chances of fast acceptance and draw a large number of repeat users to your iOS application.

iOS Device Services to Grow

MKINDO’s committed iOS developers have gained vast iOS expertise working on mobile apps for a range of industries and sectors, from eCommerce to travel, entertainment and leisure, from Financial to Manufacturing, Customer Events , Business Services, Dating Services and Healthcare, among others.

At MKINDO you can find full lifecycle development services for iOS applications that include everything from strategy, conceptualization and business analysis to UI & UX design and custom iOS development. Our package also includes mobile device development, delivery services for the iOS App Store and maintenance and support after launch.

iOS App UI & UX Design

Over the last decade, MKINDO ‘s iOS department produced and developed a multitude of popular iOS apps, acquiring valuable UI & UX design know-how for iOS devices and recruiting professional designers to the team. Our emphasis is also on best practices for the user experience and on the design of modern user interfaces

iOS Maintenance software

We will send it to the App Store in addition to designing and reviewing the iOS device, and provide maintenance services. As part of our maintenance services for iOS devices, we periodically update your iOS app to function smoothly with the newest iOS edition, fix any faults that might occur and boost app performance.

MKINDO’s iOS app UI & UX Development Services

Provide thorough analysis of the user trends and desires of your target audience, which are then turned into tailored UI solutions developed with the best UX practices in mind. We depend on industry analysts and UI & UX designers to do this, who are constantly searching for effective ways to improve the conversion flows and help you maintain loyal users.

iOS Application Development and Testing

Our mobile team has built and tested hundreds of iOS applications that support a range of business areas, from mobile holiday planning apps with search, booking, and management functionality to order placement, real-time information distribution, and online payment applications, among others.

The wide exposure to this dynamic environment, as well as the ability to work with different versions of iOS and incorporate new technology into our implemented work processes and solutions, allowed our iOS department to gain valuable expertise in the creation of custom iOS apps.

We deliver tailored iOS device creation and testing services at top quality and the fastest speed you would reasonably expect for any field of operation.

Know-How to Grow iOS

Our know-how in designing iOS apps encompasses all iOS devices, as well as integration with third-party tools in areas such as analytics, social media access or navigation.

In addition, our iOS engineering teams master and keep up to date with the new UX & UI design trends for mobile devices.

Applications and platforms: Xamarin, React Native;

Areas of application: holiday preparation, travel booking, transport management , sales force automation, information centres, statistics, e-Banking, eCommerce, speech recognition, financial portfolio decision taking, sales tools, marketing (gift and discount management) and much more;

Operating system: iOS;

Publishing: App Store.

A set of popular projects to create iOS Apps