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Take full advantage of Azure

Microsoft Azure is a respected pioneer in both the public and private clouds. It’s an open cloud, offering access to over 200 preconfigured platforms and opting to use the software you like and have invested in already. Azure offers a completely integrated range of tools for IaaS and PaaS, including technologies such as AI and machine learning, analytics, DevOps, stuff and security internet, both complementing and integrating with on-site systems.

As the most experienced cloud services partner for Microsoft Azure, with more Microsoft Trained Professionals on Azure than any other Microsoft partner, we help you harness Azure ‘s power to the maximum.


Functions to help you get the most out of Azure

MKINDO offers a diverse range of cloud services, as well as experience on the Microsoft Azure platform to create creative solutions. We will help you get the most out of Azure.

Secure Azure

Safety is a part of every element of Azure. Protect your data, apps, and networks quickly with Azure’s built-in security services that provide unparalleled security intelligence to help detect rapidly changing threats early — so you can quickly react. Implement an in-depth layered strategy across identities, data, hosts and networks. Unify your security management and allow advanced protection against threats in hybrid cloud environments.

Stacking Resources

Microsoft Azure Stack is changing the game with a true hybrid cloud experience in hybrid cloud platforms which increases performance , flexibility and productivity. You will provide a standard, single vendor platform for the first time across cloud and on-premise data centers. We can provide a fully managed solution deployed on-site in your data centre, at remote locations or hosted in MKINDO’s data centers to meet different industry needs.

Machine Learning and Azure AI

Today the question you haven’t asked is your only restriction. Advanced analytical techniques with the assistance of AI and machine learning allow machines to think and learn. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning helps data scientists to plan data, to create experiments and to deploy cloud-scale models. You can then use Docker containers for controlled environments experiments and have the potential to use specialized ones hardware to speed up executions. Azure Machine Learning comprises three components (Workbench, Testing Service, and Model Management Service), an AI learning library and Visual Studio Development Software.

We at MKINDO can help you get started with the questions you haven’t even thought about before. Our design-led analytics workshops encourage you to visualize new product possibilities, new business models, operational efficiencies, innovative customer experiences and more.

SQL on azure

Azure SQL Database is a relational cloud database that enables you to speed up the creation of apps and use the familiar SQL database motor. Migrate databases on your SQL server without changing the apps. To optimize performance, data security and accelerated app growth, link your data to the built-in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities. In IaaS and PaaS models, this approach benefits from low maintenance and the same performance, scalability , and reliability of Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

We will help you combine the power of the data platform of Microsoft, Azure SQL Database and advanced analytics to make your analytics dream come true. We help you use, manage and maintain all of your data, as well as get the insights you need to improve the delivery of your business as a service.

Azure Critical Treatment

Wherever you look, there’s a chance to infuse your apps , websites and bots with smart algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and perceive your user needs through natural communication methods.

Microsoft Cognitive Services uses image recognition algorithms, dynamic mapping of information combined with semantic search, natural language processing, voice translation and search to solve the toughest business problems. And with the world’s deepest Microsoft Azure capabilities, we ‘re the perfect choice to help you solve those problems.

Cheers Databricks

Azure Databricks is a crucial enabler for helping clients scale AI and unlock the value of complex and fragmented data. If you want to migrate to cloud services easily, we can use Azure Databricks to move you from proprietary and costly systems to speed up operating efficiencies and new business models.

Wherever you are in your data and AI maturity, there is still time and potential to convert the value generated by your Azure Platform and Azure Databricks data leveraging technology.