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Our development services for machine learning applications include developing self-learning algorithms that can eliminate errors and improve the accuracy over time. ML-powered systems analyze data and learn new things from it, resulting in fast , accurate insights that are generated without any human involvement.

Artificial Wisdom

As a consulting company for artificial intelligence we can help you identify opportunities for AI and eliminate barriers to innovation in AI. You can create intelligent systems with our expertise in applied AI and software development that replicate human tasks but do these tasks faster and cheaper, anytime and anywhere.

Mining details

Dirty data, unstructured data, hard-to-reach data – turning vast volumes of these ‘disturbing’ data into usable information is a problem that we can help you overcome. We capture, review and classify raw data and deliver it to you in an acceptable format so that you can analyze the information and generate insights.


We provide data science services to help our partners identify trends in data, and use statistical techniques to gain valuable insights. Data collection , data analysis, creating predictive models using machine learning algorithms, and implementation are the kinds of challenges our big data experts tackle in data science.


Know what customers want and make more sales

A recommendation engine may well be described as a shrewd salesman who knows what your customer wants and is more likely to benefit from it, and will recommend this product to them. For products used in ecommerce, finance, media and other industries we implement recommendation systems.


“Behold” what happens in a picture

Making products searchable in images, filtering out unsafe user-generated content, making purchase recommendations on photos taken – how cool is that! Using neural networks and machine learning technology, we can train a system to identify people and objects in images and build high-value apps.


Natural language translation

NLP technology common use case is a text-only interface or a spoken dialog system that can respond to a human request. But we’re also using NLP to understand what customers think about your products, extract information from news articles about companies or people, generate short descriptions of text documents, and more.


Fighting the risks of fraud attacks

Credit card fraud costs amount to billions of dollars per annum. Why rely on human-generated sets of rules to detect fraud? We will help you exploit learning machines to detect fraudulent and anomalous financial behaviour. A fraud detection system conducts analytics and provides real-time risk ratings, with great precision.


Term outlook. Without a ball made from quartz.

Achieving predictive analytics capabilities means understanding if a debtor is paying back the debt, what opportunities are more likely to take action, which product a consumer is clicking on, or what is the likeliness of a specific disease. We use statistical modeling and ML techniques to analyze past data with a view to predicting future results.


Just about like Siri. Not all of you.

They arrange meetings, book tickets for flights, help save money, get you dressed up for a night out and even talk to you when you feel lonely. These people are not human beings. They are AI-powered personal assistants. With a unique personality and skills required for retail , finance, travel, HR and other areas, we can help you develop one.



We take care of the whole production of the project from the identification of specifications to the implementation of a complete solution. Our data science team and specialists in machine learning consulting have hands-on experience with R / Python programming languages, data science tools Apache Spark, Hadoop, and Scikit-Learn, and deep learning systems for Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch. See how we go about it:


We’ll investigate your problem to decide whether a machine learning solution is needed. If they do, we’ll collect the specifications and prepare a roadmap for your project. If not, we’ll save you time and money because we don’t enforce AI.


You may have enough data ready to gather and analyze. If this is not the case, we will gather, if necessary, the data required from online sources. We will then process those data in order to identify trends and similarities.


The most exciting aspect of our services will start when the data is in good shape. Creation of a learning model requires a lot of exploration and discovery. We are going to iterate until the algorithm produces fantastic results.


When we get proof that your business issue can be solved by our concept model, we will launch it into development. We will integrate the model with your application and provide support services for ensuring that it works on a wider or different collection of data.