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Grow your company, cut costs and achieve greater efficiency & agility.

Moving to the Google Cloud Platform provides a valuable opportunity to grow your business, cut costs and achieve greater productivity and agility. Yet the cloud deployment includes strategic planning for the organization. Google Cloud Platform Services will help with every step of the way in MKINDO.

Our Google Cloud Certified Developers and Cloud Architects take an end-to – end approach from evaluation to implementation, leading to immediate impact. We will lay the foundations for your long-term road map to eventually turn your business into something.

Why the Cloud Platform at Google?

Developers should be able to build and bring value to the company without resolving infrastructure problems first. Google Cloud Platform ( GCP) frees you from the burden of infrastructure management, server provisioning, and network setup, enabling innovators to innovate and code coders to build the next thing.

  • Infrastructure which is future proof
  • Solid data & analytics
  • Completely managed, serverless computing
  • Only pay for what you’re using
  • On-scale defense

Place Value on Your Results.


From virtual machines with demonstrated value for money and performance advantages to a professionally controlled platform for app creation. Want greater workloads? Scaling can be expensive, hard to sustain and time consuming. Google Compute Engine offers highly customizable virtual machines with best-of – breed features, friendly pay-for-what-you-use pricing and the option of deploying your code directly or through containers.


State-of-the-art networking devices described by software on Google’s private fibre network. Google’s application delivery network speeds up apps delivered from Google Cloud, enabling you to access applications with the maximum throughput and no latency. And with cloud interconnection, you can link high-performance applications directly to Google ‘s network to expand Google Cloud Service to your own enterprise computing.

Computer Lesson

ML services are fast, scalable, and easy to use. Use pre-trained models on your results, or train custom models. Google Cloud Machine Learning offers pattern recognition services that develop over time, simplifying the machine learning complexity. Quickly integrate machine learning to your existing software, leveraging the powerful Google APIs for things such as vision, voice, and translation.

Identity & Protection

Monitor access to services running on a network secured by Google’s security model, and visibility. Google is at the forefront of cutting-edge computing technologies and it takes you with it on Google Cloud Platform. For central management of cloud infrastructure, strict regulation of access and visibility.

Resources for Growth

Using command line interface and other developer tools to build and deploy your applications. Coding on the Google platform is a simple transition for developers since they are able to use a library of resources they already know. Enable them to evolve more rapidly and more effectively.

Storage & Basics

Scalable, robust storage of high performance artifacts and databases for your applications. GCP has you protected whatever your storage needs. With versatile storage and pricing of objects, as well as managed MySQL and globally-scalable NoSQL databases, GCP provides the disk performance with industry-leading pricing.

Big Data

Completely controlled data warehousing, batch and stream processing, Hadoop / Spark data discovery and efficient messaging. Google is the world’s leading Big Data expert – the Google Search framework is the same framework that you have access to. Capture, process , store and analyze your data within a single application, so you can concentrate on finding insights instead of managing your infrastructure.

Internet of Things

Intelligent IoT platform which unlocks business insights from your global network of devices. Link, control, and absorb IoT data easily and securely from globally dispersed devices on a large scale. Collect, interpret and simulate the data in real time, and make organizational adjustments to take action as appropriate.

The Tools of Management

Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics and more — all in a web management console or mobile app that’s easy to use. Once you’re building your app on Google Cloud Platform, take advantage of a set of tools to keep your apps lean and efficient while reducing management costs.

Google Platform Services

Impact assessment in the cloud

MKINDO ‘s Cloud Impact Assessment provides a quantitative analysis that describes how your company can leverage public cloud infrastructure to support business growth, cut costs and enable advanced cloud services to be used.

Lifting & Shifting Infrastructure

MKINDO’s Lift and Shift service is leveraged in existing data centers, virtual private clouds or competitive public clouds by companies with legacy & high performance workloads that want to lift their existing infrastructure and shift it to Google Cloud.

Starting with our Cloud Enabling Engagement process, we’ll help you determine what, where, when, and how to move to the cloud. We also develop a comprehensive roadmap for adoption which takes into account: compliance, dependency on applications, and models for financial what-if.

Google Support to the Cloud Platform

Continued support always includes the management of your GCP workload with MKINDO. Whether you are looking for ad hoc technical support or a long-term advisory partner to guide your roadmap for architecture, we have you covered under our MKINDO GCP Support Plans.