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Deploying Cloud Apps

Over the years we have helped large customers in their transition to cloud-based applications, our implementation approach for delivering cloud applications (or software-as-a-service) has evolven.

Second, we agree that deploying cloud applications is not just an IT project. The technological bits and bytes have been checked and we are very good at using core technologies. The secret to success lies in handling change and providing guidance for this process. What is the commitment we’ll be making to help people work a different way and understand the application’s full potential.

Second, we agree it takes time. On Monday you move to the new platform not everyone can turn to working differently. And as such we want to be long haul partners with you. We wish to help you harness the technology’s full capabilities.


Persons-processing technology

We recommend speeding up the digital transformation of the business processes to satisfy these demands.

With this diagram this initiative can be summarized clearly. IT will always concentrate on only one aspect of the solution (technology) or even two, people side by side with organizational change management sprints that help the technology changes.


Our approach has grown to include best practices that extend beyond the initial launch of your application to help users adapt to their new resources and help them become an integral part of your culture of collaboration.


Online Deployment Infrastructure

If you began your journey to cloud technology and services or not yet begun, GoPomelo Cloud Consultants are here to help your plan, enabling and deployment.

Our practice areas of the Cloud Platform focus on Infrastructure (or Raise & Shift) changes, Big Data and Analytics ventures, machine learning, and app growth.

Our validated approach helps our customers on their journey through the cloud at every level. Our Empower commitments provide the resources and information for customers to be able to make educated decisions about what, how, and when to move into the cloud. If we’re ready to start a cloud project we’ll always start the engagement with a Design phase. This is crucial for the success of the execute process, where cloud implementations are actually taking place. Our ongoing efforts in the Enhance process ensure that you maximize your cloud use and are prepared for performance in a appropriate way.