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We will embark on a journey of exploration and innovation together if your company is interested in IoT software solutions for industrial or consumer markets. MKINDO offers IoT software development services and will engage in all that facilitates IoT’s rapid growth and forms this new area, ranging from technical developments in hardware programming, networking , data storage and analytics to privacy and security concerns that impact networks, businesses and people.

We have recently seen drastic shifts in the way people, businesses and governments communicate with the physical world and take action to accept the transition. Technology that enables us to monitor household devices over the Internet is no longer limited to science fiction movies and market experts are forecasting the rapid growth of the IoT ecosystem in the years to come.

Offer IoT Software Development

If you need assistance with application programming or the design, deployment and testing of complex IoT systems, cross-functional teams from MKINDO would lead to a reduction in time-to – market and rapid customer adoption.

Combined with our engineers’ passion for the latest technology and challenging ventures, our extensive expertise in computer, web and cloud programming defines us to look for partnerships with large and innovative companies that want to expand with us in the Internet of Things market. In Scientific language, MKINDO has consistently pleased its customers with effective and sometimes disruptive IoT solutions. From a market viewpoint, our people adapted to multiple markets and application areas, making MKINDO a melting pot of innovation and flexibility.

Custom IoT Services Software

Computer development from scratch, prototyping, re-engineering and refactoring, managing and supporting applications.

Equipment Management

Embedded computers, communications from machine to machine ( M2 M), and alerts over the air (OTA).

Carbon & Big Data

REST APIs, SDK creation and testing, microservices, high volume data persistence, high velocity data processing and visualization, fast search, reporting engines.

Progressive analytics

Predictive analytics, mathematical modeling, analysis of big data, reporting and warnings, visualization of data and analysis of ad-hoc data.

Developing Smartphone Devices

Prototyping, designing and publishing mobile apps in native, hybrid and cross-platform formats.

IoT Add-ons utilities

Services ranging from UX&UI design, to development (DevOps) and support operations (customer service, translations or technical documentation).

IoT Technology Areas

Electric Vehicles, Connected Cars, Industry 4.0, Fleet Management, Smart TV, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

IoT expert know-how

The IoT experience gathered by MKINDO to date covers application programming and unique cloud and big data IoT solutions. Through computer programming, we can assist you with embedded computers, machine-to – machine communications, and OTA (Over the Air Updates) projects running on computers such as NXP I MX 5,6), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and STM (32-bit microcontroller). Our experience in the Cloud & Big Data includes REST APIs, SDK creation and testing, high volume data persistence (SQL, NoSQL), high speed data analysis and data visualization (Charts, Graphs, Views), data analytics, recommendation engines, microservices (Docker) and fast search.

Programming languages: C , C++, JavaScript , Python, HTML / CSS, R, Java;
Technologies and frameworks:.NET, Qt, COM, Elastic Stack, Sensor fusion, WSO2;
App platforms for development: Qt App, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform;
Operating systems: Debian, iOS, Android, Blackberry built-in;
Computer types: NXP I MX 5,6), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM (microcontrollers with 32-bit);Modules & Sensors: gyro, compass, G

Technologies for Identification: QR code, RFID;
Collection and transmission of the data: CAN, LIN, NFC, Bluetooth (LE), TCP / IP, Wi-Fi, GSM;
Information data: Hadoop, MongoDB, Hbase, Hive, Pig, MS SQL and Postgres;
Microsoft R Server, Spark, scikit-learn, Weka, IBM SPSS, data mining, modeling, and machine learning;
Virtual Solutions: Rackspace, SoftLayer (IBM), Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services).PS;

IoT Growth Show

Smart Model Parking

See a demo of an intelligent parking space accessibility detection system based on a sensor network here. The network consists of a multitude of low-cost sensor nodes spread into the parking area that work together with a central server to detect and monitor parking occupancy rates in real time.

The prototype, which was developed internally by MKINDO, includes an Arduino Uno unit, a geomagnetic sensor to detect the existence of a vehicle, a ZigBee radio module and a 9-volt battery to power it all.

For more information on designing smart parking systems, read the case study and check out our blog post on Smart Parking-IoT Perspectives.

Enterprise / Government

Oil and Gas Industry Projects