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System Navigation

CSystem uses hierarchical view presentation of the system that allows easy navigation of the project status of completion at any desired level and activity. Learn More


CSystem is built-in with a collection of checksheet templates for Inspection and Function Testing inscribed with unique barcode labels. Learn More

Punch List Management

Smart and convenient Punch List management that can easily be configured by category or level with bar codes. Electronically clearing of punch list items. Learn More

Project Forecasting and Planning

Project Forecasting and Planning are represented through dashboard visualization and data analytics. Learn More

Handover/ Turnover

CSystem once configured is designed to allow the electronic or printed handover of individual or part sub-systems to multiple and selected sub-systems or packages. Learn More

Preservation and Maintenance

The systems Preservation and Maintenance module is configured to ensure compliance with equipment warranty and maintenance requirements. Learn More

Seamless Data Transfer

The system provides a dynamic user interface allowing several options for quick and easy manipulation of data import and export. Learn More

Commissioning and Turnover procedures

Automatically compiling and generating a Commissioning procedure from the collection of attached checksheets, punch lists and its progress status including relevant reports, drawings, files and written procedures from the system hierarchy. Learn More