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Program for Pre-employment Training

Our Pre-Employment Program is structured to meet common learning needs and goals, while allowing participants to interact with Fortech’s professional engineers and working environment. This is a short-term learning experience that consists of a mixture of theoretical and practical components, and is facilitated by our senior colleagues. The trainees who showed a good performance and attitude during the training get a long-term offer of partnership at the end of the programme.


We schedule internships at Fortech in any time of year, based on team needs. Usually it takes about 3 months for an internship, followed by the prospect of a long-term relationship with Fortech. You have the opportunity to get exposed to a deep and realistic perspective of the IT sector during the paid internship program and to experience the working atmosphere of an existing IT organization, directed by a Fortech mentor.

What’s for you in it?

  • Profess your theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience
  • Know about best practices in software development / research
  • Interact with software engineers who have had an interest in your area
  • Develop awareness and a basis for a good career start
  • Registered software developers get guidance and mentoring


  • Obtain equivalence with the university’s mandatory curriculum
  • Creating new friends and widening the network
  • Understand the climate of an IT corporation and its corporate culture
  • Explore “real world”