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Why is MKINDO doing so?

Being at MKINDO means getting the ability to get involved in a number of ventures, expand your experience and avoid being stuck for hours in the same routine.

Our projects range from broad, enterprise-level applications to smaller, Agile software products built with a customer focus. While we’re most experienced in developing solutions for the automotive, IoT, healthcare and eCommerce markets, that’s far from all we do.

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You will find us working on eBikes, solar power plant technology, healthcare apps , online booking portals and much more.

You’ll definitely find your place technology-wise. We create it where we don’t have the experience, without promoting it still.

Regardless of the technology, you ‘re likely to be working on software that empowers people and companies worldwide.

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In addition to the regular training programs and qualification plans, tailored to the needs of each MKINDO colleague, we take pride in our informal awareness sessions being conducted within our teams.

Peer-to – peer interaction with the participation of our mid-senior colleagues is strongly supported and made possible. About 75 per cent are professionals at mid-senior level.


In addition, we encourage our colleagues to attend local and international IT conferences, maintain a physical and an ebook / online library and provide free access to renowned online training platforms.

We encourage the development of skills set and skills appropriate for every individual career plan, be it academic, team leading or management.


 Depending on your goals, career growth at MKINDO takes several paths including academic, team leadership and project management.

It is a continuous process of determining the nature of one’s career, setting new learning goals and developing new opportunities as one grows and becomes more professional.

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If you are a senior professional or just beginning your career, we have resources for every point of your professional life that you might have reached.

Just drop us a line, or take a look at our current job openings to see what your interest could suit.


 One of the aspects that our colleagues at MKINDO most appreciate is what an company calls the community inside. Which means how we think , feel and behave.

Culture of MKINDO is generally defined as friendly, competent, accessible and respectful. It’s not always easy to sustain such an approach in a increasingly growing organisation, but we do our best.


If we don’t work you will see us playing sports, partying and going out, playing things that cater to the range of interests that our colleagues can have.

Despite our team ‘s growth, we do our best to keep all of these alive and we appreciate each team member who is contributing to our collective effort.


 MKINDO ‘s incentive program provides incentives for base pay, results and personal activities, as well as other rewards & benefits.

Our employees enjoy premium national health care, access to a range of (internal and external) team events and sporting facilities, and exclusive discounts provided by, among others, a network of corporate partners.


We aim to tailor our offerings to each individual’s unique needs.

This can mean being open to flexible schedules of time, remote work or any other special arrangements that can be important to our colleagues, as long as they are in our possibility and in compliance with the agreements we have with our clients.

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