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Preliminary adaptation

A preliminary matching phase consisting of an HR Interview is the first step in the selection process.

Our HR team schedules a phone / Skype call, or face-to – face meeting with you. The purpose of this is to get to know one another first, discuss opportunities available and align expectations. Data about MKINDO will also be given to you: the internal structure, our key procedures, the team culture and benefits, among others.

Professional Assessment

In a technical interview, our tech boards assess your technical competences to determine your degree of know-how. They can use a technical assessment or structured online test for certain positions to verify the mastery of particular technology and/or programming concepts.

You’ll move on to phase 3 depending on the outcome at this point or you’ll be told where to change based on your performance.

Matching up of project

A corresponding phase of a project may be required for certain roles. This includes, along with you, a closer look at the details of the project and may also include a meeting with the MKINDO project manager and/or the client’s manager. This move allows us to understand whether you are technologically and culturally matching the team (project), and whether you are committed to the project. Remember that while we can use this assessment process, we do not recruit on a project-based basis but for long-term partnerships.

Proposed Partnership

If both parties still have a match and value we will negotiate the terms of the partnership. A final interview with one of our Hiring Managers is set and afterward, you receive a collaboration offer.

Context Review

An initiating part of the recruiting process includes a background check. It consists of validating studies and professional experience information-reference check.

For some positions, our HR team may perform a more detailed background check, outsourcing it to a specialized company

Control & Onboarding

The hiring process includes an orientation program in which you will get to know the company, our internal processes and the specifics of your team and project. For certain cases, you may need to move from the first weeks of employment to the client’s site for information transfer.

The onboarding period of 3 months is an ideal timeline for getting to know one another and determining our match. Feedback on both ways is very important to us, especially at this point.

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You will join our team from our distribution centers at one of our “A” level offices, all of them with new technology and amenities. While working on-site, you will have the ability to communicate directly with your colleagues and participate in other tasks, in addition to code writing: mentoring new team members, taking part in implementation of external and internal training programs, technical writing, technical recruiting and/or software sales.


Many of our projects offer the option of selecting a remote collaboration with flexible schedule of work. You can operate from home or wherever you wish while maintaining close contact with your colleagues via Skype for Business, WebEx or other accepted means of collaboration. Your operation is performed under a secure VPN link.


Joining our team as a full-time or part-time employee would provide you with access to our full package of incentives and rewards, such as paid holiday raises with seniority and private practice insurance packages.


The approach to free-lance is also an option. This is a mentality and paradigm of entrepreneurship, focused on commitments to time & resources or fixed prices. You have the choice of choosing workplaces-remote and/or our offices.