PT Mitra Konsultansi Indonesia

Start from a humble IT Department in EJJV Group around mid 2006, servicing throughout Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, UK and Indonesia, MKINDO now, is becoming the foremost ISO Certified 9001:2015 IT Company which has marked its flagship in the Asian region with 200+ IT projects successfully accomplished.

What sets MKINDO apart is its technological excellence and strong respect for all its stakeholder. Our approach to software development incorporates deep technological know-how, agile implementation strategies and a combination of product quality standards and indicators that have been perfected over years of experience.

We Proudly provide following services :

IT Consultancy such as Custom software development, IT Infrastructure Planning and Development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Implementation, 

IT Professional Services providing competent Project managers, software developers, business analyst, IT helpdesks, IT network administrator and Technical writer

Managed Services such as Desktop management, Server management and Hardware maintenance

"To become a world class IT Consultancy company that always seek creative ways to apply the available technology to our clients businesses in a way which maximizes profit and value."


We provide you with Very Best IT Professionals


In fact, Indonesia is one of the region’s rapidly developing digital economies and complies with universal laws while sharing a culture of this nature.

Desktop Management

Hardware Maintenance

Automation Services